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Difference between accelerometer and vibration sensor

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    I have searched on web but i did not get exact explanation on about these topics. Could someone clear me. I am looking for accelemeter to my pump that can get the information about vibrations.
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    There's not a real difference, but a vibration sensor is one application for an accelerometer. Have a look around for some vibration analysis equipment providers.
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    Still, i am in confustion and can not able to figure out the difference. Can some one point out the difference here?

    Does accelerometer detect the vibrations?
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    The difference is in the firmware.

    Older vibration sensors sensed position or velocity. Newer ones tend to use a MEMS accelerometer to detect vibrations. Accelerometer-based vibration sensors often capture acceleration data at a high rate. The built-in DSP uses a band pass filter to eliminate the very high frequency noise and to eliminate the low frequency accelerations that are of little interest when it comes to detecting vibrations.

    A MEMS accelerometer that is used as an accelerometer will use different signal processing compared to a MEMS accelerometer that is targeted to detect vibrations. Here it is the low frequency accelerations that are of primary interest. When it comes to detecting acceleration, the vibrations are just noise that are best eliminated at the source.
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