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Difference between delta baryons and nucleons

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    Hello, I have had this question for awhile now. What is the difference a delta baryon and a nucleon? they seem to have the same quark composition? Thanks in advance.
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    The Δ++ (uuu) and the Δ- (ddd) have different quark compositions, so I assume you are referring to the Δ+(uud) and the Δ0(udd), which have the same quark compositions as the proton and neutron. The main difference is the spin. The Δ particles all have spin 3/2, meaning all three quarks have the same spin, while the proton and neutron have spin 1/2. In this sense they can be viewed as an excited state of the proton and neutron. Note that they decay quickly into a proton or a neutron.
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