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Difference between undergrad quantum and graduate quantum

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    I have taken quantum mechanics 3 times as an undergrad.

    The first time was Modern Physics 1. It covers the beginnings of quantum and basic quantum up to 3-D central force problem.

    The second was Quantum Chemistry (part 1 of physical chemistry), and we covered: basic quantum problems (particle in box/ring/sphere, H-atom), formalism like commutators and operators, quantum description of multielectron atoms and diatomic molecules. We were also supposed to go over perturbation theory but decided to skip it to keep on schedule.

    The third was upper division physics major's class, Quantum Physics (part 1). We cover chapters 1-4 in Griffith: wave function, time independent SE, formalism, 3D problems.

    I also had a mathematical physics class based on Boa's, covering chapters 11-13: special functions, series solutions of ODEs, and solving PDEs in all sorts of coordinate systems. in particular we solved the diffusion, Laplace, wave and Schrodinger equations over and over again for different boundary conditions and coordinate systems (rectangular, polar, cylindrical, spherical). we also reviewed integral transforms: Fourier, Laplace and convolution.

    Am I ready for graduate quantum?
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    Yes. You are ready. Ideally, you would of covered a bit more like quantum statistics, wkb method, time dependent pertubation theory and more on scattering but none-the-less, that's okay.

    Do you think people go into graduate school already knowing graduate level material?
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    i'm sorry for this, my math and GPA are very weak.

    i'm seeing all these 3.5-4.0 guys who major in engineering or physics/math in this forum that publish before they even graduate and finished an entire graduate sequence. i see these other guys in my department that publish ACS papers here, and i got nothing.
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