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Different aspects of differential mounting

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    I want to mount open differential (chain driven) on SAE-INDIA supra -car so I need to consider different forces on differential and it's mounting for designing a proper mounting. So i need physics forum's help to design differential mounting. Mounting place is a box type frame. For illustrative purpose i have joined two images.

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    Since this project is for schoolwork, please show us your work on it so far. We do not do the work for students here. We can offer hints, ask questions, catch mistakes, etc. But it is against the PF rules for us to do your project for you.

    So have you done any drawings yet? Do you have access to a CAD drawing program? How about access to FEA software? :smile:
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    Yes I understand the rules of Pf, so can you please redirect me to any article on differential mounting to understand that what are forces acting on a differential mounting so that I will make my own design and analyse it on ansys software.
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