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Different number of time dimensions

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    I am layman, so I cant find an answer on my own.

    Suppose, on low energies space is (locally) pseudo-euclidean with the number of spacial dimensions S and time timensions T

    In our universe S=3 and T=1

    My question: is it possible to 'adjust' equations of GR and QM/QFT to the different S and T? Are there any "no-go" things (like orbit stabilty which, for T=1, is possible only if S=3)? What if T=0 or T>1?
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    Equations of classical GR do not care about the number of spacelike/timelike dimensions.

    For QFT, it's not so trivial. Path-integral equations do not care about that either (at least formally), but that does not seem to be enough.
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    Not a direct answer, but

    http://space.mit.edu/home/tegmark/dimensions.pdf" [Broken]

    might be of help. The cases T=0, T>1 are mentioned as well.
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