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MATLAB Differential Equation formulation (and execution in matlab) problem

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    I am trying to solve an equation and then execute it in matlab. It is dx/dt=I(S*A*x). so I am trying to see the evolution of x with time.

    The variables are all in an excel spreadsheet in different columns and the name of the columns are the name of the variables.

    'I' is in an excel column of about 10000k different volumes which are the number of n i would need for the model to output. their values are constant

    but S and A vary as they are pressure and temperature readings taken every 30 mins over 48 hrs in total. So i have 96 x 2 reading in total for S and A in my excel spreadsheet.

    These variables will come from an external excel spreadsheet but I am having difficulties in formulating this diff equation so that it would yield sensible results in mat lab.

    Any ideas?
    Thank you
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    I have used that but the import doesn't seem to be a problem is more the resolution that seems to be.
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