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Differential Geometry and Quantum Mechanics

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    After finding and reading Geroch's notes on Quantum Mechanics formulated within Differential Geometry, I was wondering if there are other books that treat Quantum Mechanics in a similar fashion, focusing upon the geometrical aspects of Quantum Mechanics in order to formulate it.
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    Could you give the reference to Geroch's formulation of QM that you read?
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    Certainly, a copy can be found http://physics.syr.edu/~salgado/geroch.notes/geroch-gqm.pdf" [Broken].
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    Did you read von Neumann's classic "The Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Mechanics" ?
    It is basically the starting point of non-commutative geometry.
    I do not claim it's better than Geroch's book, which I have not read (!), but in von Neumann's style, nothing is left unproven. Basically, no prerequisite is necessary.
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