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Differential- integral factor by inspection

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    i'm trying to solve the problem by finding the integral factor by inspection:

    1) y(2 - 3xy)dx - xdy =0
    2) y(x^2+y^2-1)dx + x(x^2+y^2+1)dy=0

    i can't solve those two questions! Help please.

    Thanks in advance
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    What have you tried? When guessing integrating factors it helps to factor and keep in mind common examples such as
    d(xy)=x dy+y dx
    y2 d(x/y)=y dx-x dy
    x2 d(y/x)=x dy-y dx
    (x2+y2) d(arctan(y/x))=x dy-y dx
    [tex] x^{1-p}y^{1-q}{d}(x^py^q)=pydx+qxdy[/tex]
    and so on
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