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Digi-Key and Alternatives

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    Is Digi-Key the premier supplier in North America for small scale electrical components or are there any others?
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    We use Digikey a lot but they are not the only one out there. I guess it does depend on what you are looking for. Allied Electronics is another good source.
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    In general, Digikey is the one I use, but there are others:

    I just wish one of them could put together a decent web interface (if McMaster-Carr sold electronics, I would be happy)
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    Go to www.findchips.comand[/URL] search for a generic transistor or a common part like LM741. You'll see a big list.
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    You can also look at http://www.tedss.com" [Broken]. They have a decent interface for locating capacitors, resistors and pots.
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    You can get some basic (if pricey) stuff there. I'm not sure what the state of Radioshack is down in the US, but here in Canada, The Source by Circuit City (what all the Canadian Radioshacks became after they were bought by Circuit City) has been steadily getting out of the components and low-level hobbyist market for the past few years.

    EDIT: And even back way when, it was still basic components (assortment of passives, some actives, a few ICs, mounting hardware, etc.)
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    I have been using a company called Circa Micro.

    They have a $50.00 order min which is high but I can't locate some of these older parts for under $100 an order
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    This is a pretty old thread, hopefully the OP found his supplier.
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