Digicam Cybershot DSC W80 lens jammed

Hi everyone

I recently bought a digicam Cybershot DSC W80 from india, currently I am in The Netherlands, Actually the problem is when I pressed the button to view the images of which I have taken photograph, my camera get jammed , only thing coming on display is SONY and nothing else even the lens is not going in, its kind of jammed, This is second such instance only ,on the first instance i took out battery and inserted and after half an hour it worked perfectly and on the second instance nothing is working,only on the display it is written SONY, I am kind of stuck over here, can anyone help me, is it battery problem or something very serious my whole trip will be disappointing if i could not get my camera to start working again,

Please help me

Hope it all worked out. Wonder if there was a reset button to get all settings to default status. Might be a fake product too?

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