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Dilemma? - Am I cut out to pursue masters in physics

  1. Nov 4, 2013 #1
    Dilemma? -- Am I cut out to pursue masters in physics

    I'm in my life at a juncture where i have eagerness and enthusiasm to pursue masters in physics but due to prior experience I'm a bit reluctant. I enrolled for masters in physics 2 years back but dropped out in the final year due to uncleared papers that i had of 1st year, lack of co-operation by the management, harassment by faculties and shortage of attendance.
    Later on i enrolled for teachers education and passed with 70 percent. Can anyone please guide me if I'm cut out to pursue masters in physics. Is the masters(in Physics) obtained from open university(correspondence course) equally valued. Is it true that by 25 years of age one should have completed his masters and obtained PhD.
    Thank you all for your valuable time and patience to answer such mundane question.
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    Why do you want a master's in physics? Generally, these degrees are viewed as "failed PhDs". Are you thinking about continuing to a PhD? Or is it a specific, professional scientist masters degree which gears you to a specific job that you want?
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    We can't tell if you are prepared for a MsC or not. Only you can. Can you dedicate the time and effort in attending all your classes, handing in/completing papers on time etc? If so, then you should try once again.

    A MsC from any university is considered an MsC. However, that being said, a degree from a small liberal arts college is valued MUCH less then one from Harvard, MIT etc. Nonetheless, you shouldn't have much trouble finding a job just because of which university you got your degree from.

    Definitely not!
    You are welcome.

    Also, why not get a PhD? And can you clarify "uncleared papers", "teacher harassment" and "lack of cooperation from management"?
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    @ ModusPwnd --- Thank you for your valuable reply. Yes it is a specific masters degree which gears me to a specific job that i want. In a long run i do have the idea of pursuing research in order to get a PhD.

    @ Shivam3013 --- Thank you for your valuable reply. Now that you have said that the degree in correspondence is as equivalent as a degree from any other college(most of them) it has given me with enough courage to pursue Masters in physics. Uncleared papers are the papers of first year which i couldn't write and secure passing marks. Teacher harassment -- I didn't get the attendance for the days that i had attended hence had a shortage which denied me the privilege of writing exams and moreover there were some internal politics which I'm not familiar with. Lack of co-operation --- refers to advice that i could have got from the student body regarding the steps that i should have taken in order to avoid the consequences faced.

    Once again i thank each one of you.
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    Seriously where are you even getting this information? Are you pulling it out of a hat? Can you provide any valid source that asserts and backs up this statement? I mean all I have to do is mention Harvey Mudd and already there's a counter-example to your grandiose claim.
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    Harvey Mudd alums have higher starting salaries than the other schools he mentioned.

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