Dinosaurs died out due to fire 66 million years ago.

  1. That sounds pretty obvious. But it wasn't because of the interpretation of evidence. The charcoal / soot required as evidence was not available.

    In a nutshell.

    Robertson et al 2013 explain that it was merely a misinterpretation. The charcoal is simply dilluted by the debris from the Chicxulub impact. They state that when the ejecta reentered the atmosphere it, it caused intense radiation that set most if not all vegatation on at fire on a global scale
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    Nice development, thanks for sharing!
  4. It's 65, not 66 mya
  5. Actually: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-21379024

    The article suggests that it really is 66Mya with remarkable accuracy (+/- 11kya).

    Due to a paywall I can't access the article mentioned in the OP but from the abstract:

    " Preliminary modeling showed that the reentry of ejecta would have caused a global infrared (IR) pulse sufficient to ignite global fires within a few hours of the Chicxulub impact."

    Is this referring to a previous paper? Is the global firestorm a well established idea?
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  7. I think the global firestorm is a pretty well established idea, a natural consequence of a bolide that big. I suppose the angle and speed of impact are also important, and given the evidence for global fires they are revising those estimates to account for the fires, and vice versa.

    I downloaded the Robertson et al. 2013 article and they do not mention 66 million years ago.

    Thanks for the link to the Science (BBC) paper- it's very recent and a nice discussion of the context of the K-T boundary extinctions. http://www.sciencemag.org/content/339/6120/684.full.pdf
  8. Those poor kids who were riding the dinosaurs at the time...... I hope they got away :frown:
  9. the real reason dinosaurs became extinct:

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    unfortunately, that site also requires a signup subscription too :(

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    I wonder if that was before or after the caterpillar infestation ? ....

    and this one ....

    leads me to my personal favourite theory ... that all the female dinosaurs across ALL species revolted against the males by saying " not tonite dear, I have a headache"


    PS .... further contemplation leads me to 2 other theories concerning a decrease in sexual activity....

    Referring to the previously posted cartoon....

    theory 1 .... that the smoking caused impotence and or ...
    theory 2 .... they were really smoking whacky baccy and that was more fun than procreation

    Sorry guys ... just couldnt resist :)
    all in fun ( life is too short to take it seriously all the time :) )
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    This one is actually interesting ....
    Not so much as an alternative theory, but that the Chicxulub impact caused this huge outflow of lava. I vaguely remember this beingh discussed during my university geology studies. I cant remember the validity of the idea or what the conclusions were.
    One could imagine that the major Chicxulub impact caused a huge pulse through the Earth and that pulse resulted in the Deccan Traps eruptions ( their location being close to the opposite side of the earth, where the pulse energy would come to a focus).

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    Were the Deccan Traps at the antipodal point of the Chicxulub impact? Based on the post above I would assume so. Is there a reference for this.

    The kind of junk-science stuff I found, non-peer reviewed discussions.:

    solvingthemajorextinctions[dot]com appears to be a pet project site.

    However this is not my field.
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  17. We have discussed the antipodal effect here. Apparantly, the dating of the Deccan Traps does not support it
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