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Dipositronium Molecule Synthesized

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    Apparently physicists have been able to synthesize a molecule that contains two positronium atoms, an exotic form of atom that contains both positrons and electrons in its outer shell. They were able to monitor the properties of the molecule by the gamma rays let off after annihilation of the electron/positron pairs. The next challenge is to make a positronium Bose Einstein Condensate, which, because all atoms would become coherent, would emit coherent gamma rays, producing a Gamma Ray Laser (I sometimes refer to these as GASERs, but no one knows what I'm talking about then).

    Here's the article I read about it in.


    I am sure those of you with more experience in physics than myself will have some interesting ideas on applications or implications of this research. Quick question, how long does it usually take to synthesize a BEC, and how quickly do the electron/positron pairs annihilate? In other words, would they be able, with current techniques, to make it into a BEC soon enough that the gamma rays would be coherent?
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    If it belongs in the Noteworthy Papers sticky thread, does this mean I should repost it there, that the thread should be moved, or that I can leave it?
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