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Direct product of two groups with different n-spaces

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    how does one evaluate the direct product between a group G with components that are say 2-tuple and a group H with components that are just 1-tuple?
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    I'm sorry, I have no single idea what you mean. Could you please clarify?? Maybe use some notation?
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    I guess he means taking the direct product of a group G and a group H, where G is already known to be a direct product of two groups A and B , and H is just another group: i.e. G x H. In this case, the direct product isn't anything more special, as G x H = A x B x H since ( A x B ) x H = A x ( B x H ) .. et c. Then, you can write ( a, b, h ) where a is in A , b is in B and h is in H. Just think about R^3 = R x R^2
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