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B Distance between two orbiting bodies

  1. Aug 2, 2017 #1
    Hi to everyone
    There is a formula out there to calculate te distance between a mass that is in orbit arround anhoter fix mass?
    (And its deduction)
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    I suggest looking in an introductory textbook on Newtonian mechanics and gravitation.
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    Any recommendation?
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    Google for "two-body problem". You'll need some calculus.
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    do you have an orbit time ?
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    why dont you set up an excel sheet, with inputs for mass 1, mass 2, and centre to centre distance, put in some example values, then process through the appropriate maths to reveal an orbit time, then adjust the centre to centre distance if required to close in on the required result, trial and error i know but it will familiarlise you with the equations etc.
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    Hmm, okay, I'll try
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