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Distance Education - Linear Algebra

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    I'm interested in Distance Education, specifically for Linear Algebra. I know about the standard EPGY, and JHU, etc. I know there must be better, or at least other options out there and I was wondering if anyone has experience with them. Also is Linear algebra a course you can take without really having that "classroom" atmosphere? I will have some resources outside of the internet, but not full time.

    Thanks very much,
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    Sure can, it wont be a problem.
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    I did linear algebra through CTY Distance last summer. The text is Lay's Linear Algebra and Its Applications, which, as its title suggests, is somewhat "computational". However, I still think its not a bad introduction to the subject. Plus, the instructor sends you tests and practice tests (problem sets, really), which include some problems a bit more challenging than the exercises in the book.

    I guess you have two other options if you want to learn linear algebra: take it at a nearby college, or study it yourself. I'd suggest trying the latter if you have the discipline. If you do this, then perhaps you might want to take advantage of the problems sets, exams, lectures, etc. that can be found on MIT OCW (try here (18.06) and here (18.700)).

    The benefits of a "classroom atmosphere" include having an organized, structured course and having the ability to seek help from the professor or other students. Studying yourself, of course, is the cheapest option. Taking a class through EPGY or CTY would be like an intermediate option: for the most part, you're on your own, but there's structure to the course.
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    Can anyone tell me how to start a thread?=)
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