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Distances of electrons in the shell

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    Hi people,
    I'm wandering what the distances of the levels of the electron shell are relative to the centre of the atom. I was told there's a pattern and am investigating it.
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    Go check the concept of Bohr radius. Just one thing : in the reference, they are not talking about any atom but a very specific one :wink:

    Keep in mind that you need to look at these results using the correct "eye". In QM, you have this little thing called the uncertainty principle that does NOT allow for you to be talking in terms of the orbit, distnace, velocity of a particle like you do in classical physics ! Also, beware of the fact that the Bohr Orbit model is NOT the complete picture. Check out our FAQ in the General Physics subforum for more indept info.


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    Meir Achuz

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    The average distance of any shell from the nucleus is roughly given by
    r=n^2 hbar^2/mZ'e^2, where Z' is an effective Z, given by
    Z'=Z-N, where N is the number of electrons in lower closed shells.
    If you want SI, multiply by fourpiepsilonzero.
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