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Distilled Ethanol Safe To Drink?

  1. May 12, 2014 #1
    So I've read lab grade ethanol is dangerous, and so is alcohol made at home that is distilled because of methanol.

    My question is, if I used Vodka from the LCBO and distilled it at a temperature around ~78C, would 1-2 shots be safe to drink?

    I also understand that there is small amounts of methanol that is under the legal limit in commercial hard liquors. So I would let the first few drops just run off.

    I understand there is an azeotrope, but I'm not looking for 100% alcohol. I'm just trying to make a higher proof alcohol at home for fun.
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    This this potentially dangerous and we can't condone this type of experimentation.

    Just go out and buy some Everclear and be done with it.
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