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Homework Help: Division with variables (I think I'd call this double division)

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    I don't even know where to start with this question, someone help please.

    I don't know how to LaTeX this question so please bare with me:

    ( ( x / y ) - ( 4y / x ) ) / (x + 2y)

    It's two fractions over a binomial.

    Hope this isn't to unclear :(
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    Click this for the code to make it:
    [tex] \frac{\frac{x}{y} - \frac{4y}{x}}{x + 2y} [/tex]

    Now the question on everyone's mind is: what do you actually have to do with this? Simplify it?
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    Yah, sorry about that, and thanks for the LaTeX code. I'm supposed to simplify it but after setting it up like this [tex] \frac{x}{y} - \frac {4y}{x} \times \frac{x + 2y}{1} [/tex] (I think that's proper form anyways) I don't know what else to do.
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    dont know if this is right but it looks good to me

    First find the comon denominator in the top fraction

    multiply by the inverse


    then diference of squares?


    then cancel


    Anyone know a good LaTeX tutorial? I would likke to post more and using LaTeX is just so much prettier :)
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    Please, don't show COMPLETE solution. You can guide him, and should let the OP do it him/herself. Showing solutions can be good in some cases, like when the OP has made a great deal of effort trying to solve the problem, but still cannot get the correct answer. But showing solution without any explanation, or without the OP's having shown his/her work, it can be very bad.
    You can take some time to readthe rules.
    There's a sticky Introducing LaTeX Math Typesetting in the board Math & Science Tutorials (the first board from the top). There are 3 pretty good .PDF files there.
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    You are probably right , sorry about that.
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