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Chemical/Paint DIY testosterone testing?

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    Hey, I am a second year university student in BioMedical-Engineering and I've been looking to try something new.

    DIY is something I have been into for a while, I own and operate a 3d printer and I'm building other projects. So complexity is not really an issue as long as there is information. Is doing something like a DIY medical testing viable or is it not as user friendly? It seems there is no DIY Medical community around, so I am aware that it must be much harder for the "hobbyist" to break his way into it.

    What I'm looking for now is testosterone level testing, and other hormones/chemicals that can be analyzed from a blood sample.

    If anyone has links, or explanations on weather it's feasible or not then that would be beneficial.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Holy smokes! :woot:

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    Well worth watching... more than once, even.


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    Obligatory XKCD reference:
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