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Do all electrons orbit in the ground state, when the band ga

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    Do all electrons orbit in the ground state, when the band gap, is increased, or decreased, as atoms come together to form molecules.?
    Like in glass, transparent liquids, and plastics.
    As atoms come together to form glass, like silicon, sodium, and calcium.
    Do the electrons orbital permanently move to higher shell levels, like shell level 1, and permanently reside there, changing the electron eV requirement, to light.
    Or is this completely wrong , and the electron always stays in the ground state, orbital region, in ANY element, as atoms come together, and make covelent bonds to form molecules, and just the electrons eV changes but the electron does not change to higher orbit shell regions.
    Very much need to know this for my study, thank you.
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    Your question isn't really clear.

    In modern MO theory, electrons don't orbit. They have density in orbitals.

    As for what happens to the shape of orbitals as two atoms form a bond and the AO's become MO's, not sure anyone knows. The time scales are so fast, I would be surprised if they can really do measurements on it, but it's not my specialty.
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