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  1. QuarkDecay

    B Chemical Potential μ in Solids

    There is the equation: μ= Eu +Eg/2 +3/4kβTln(mu/mc) Eg is the band gap, but I don't understand what Eu stands for and how we can calculate it? Could it be the valence band?
  2. J

    Band diagram, conductivity tensor

    Hello! Does anyone have an idea of how can I obtain information from a band diagram about the directions along which the system conducts best and worst ? Thank you in advanced! :)
  3. T

    Need a Locking mechanism

    Can anyone help me in what they think would work as far as placing a locking mechanism on a watch band?? I need it to lock onto the wrist. So it can not be taken off by the wearer. I do not want it to need any type of key or source that can be lost. I have been recommended a bluetooth type of...
  4. B

    [PoM] Electrons Fermi level in a crystal

    Homework Statement The conduction band of a hypothetical crystal of one-dimensional Cesium reticular with step a=300 pm (1 atom per cell) is characterized by the ε dispersion law ##\epsilon (k) = V_0 + \frac{\hbar^2}{m_e}(\frac{1}{2}k^2 - \frac{a}{3\pi}|k|^3## where ##V_0 = -4 eV##, is set so...
  5. T

    A Predicting Fermi Surface from Chemical Formula

    Hi, I was hoping I could get some things cleared up. Recently my Solid State professor mentioned that we could simply, from the chemical formula, predict where the band crossings are going to be. For example, take LaFeAsO. Since La has a valency of +3, Fe of +3, As of -3, and O of -2, he...
  6. E

    I Diffusion of carriers in a double heterostructure

    Hello! Double heterostructures are used in LEDs and lasers to provide both the confinement of the charge carriers and the confinement of the generated light. This image is a comparison between a homojunction and a heterojunction. As regards the unbiased junctions, when the n region and the p...
  7. Benevito

    Conduction and valence bands in semiconductors

    Why is the conduction band state s-type and the corresponding valence band state p-type?
  8. A

    [Problem] Elastic potential energy

    Hi, I'm a second year Design Engineering student. This year we're having some basic physics class. We're doing projects on potential energy at this moment. I'm having a problem with the following; The assignment: The teacher assigned us that only 6 Joules of potential energy may be used to...