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Programs Do all Physics majors solely pursue Master's/PhD's?

  1. Aug 13, 2012 #1
    Because I feel like the only physics major pursuing the education of science. Out of all the fellow physics/engineering majors at my school, I am the only one with aspirations of teaching at the high school/CC level. Are there any expirenced science majors here that have similar aspirations and/or are already in the teaching professions with degrees in the sciences?

    I'm not talking about tenured PhD science professors with emphases in research, I'm moreso directing this to the high school/CC/Uni. educators who teach because it is their passion.
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    Definitely. There are multiple schools at which physics education (a major designed for teaching at the high school) is a seperate degree. Wouldn't be any intelligent physics teachers at high school if such conditions existed.
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    Hey skwissgaar and welcome to the forums.

    People like you are really needed: getting quality teachers in the sciences can be really hard when you have other fields offering more remuneration and competing for the same minds.
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