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Biology Do astrobiology careers exist at all?

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    So I hear a few universities now offer PhDs in astrobiology. I would love to be an astrobiologist, especially if it meant analyzing data from NASA probes! But, seriously, aside from the handful of jobs offered by NASA, do astrobiology careers even exist? I know that PhDs in general are risky, and that many science PhDs spend years in postdoc limbo. I am willing to take a risk if it is for something I truly love. But would an astrobio PhD be merely a risk, or would it be career suicide?
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    I would in general say no.

    There are astrobiology projects out there, but I haven't seen any career-path type positions for astrobiologists. (And I would be highly suspicious if I did).

    I think pursuing this is risky if you intend on doing only that for a career. If you assess the program objectively for the skills that you will acquire in the process, it may not be so bad as you may end up with some very marketable skills.
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