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Schools Do grad schools look at if you majored or specialized in physics?

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For my school, a major involve taking 60% pre-selected physics/math courses. And a specialist invove taking 80% pre-selected physics/math courses.

But you can go in between and take 70% physics/math courses to earn a major. This can definitely boost one's GPA and schedule flexibility. So I was wondering if it matters, whether you earn a BSC (major) or BSCH (specialist).


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What country are you in? If you are planning on grad school in the US:

In the US, this distinction isn't really made. Usually, one takes the required amount of coursework for the major and may take more related courses if they have the room. However, there will be no distinction made to those who take extra courses in their major when degrees are awarded.

In the US, the extra courses can only help, but grad schools won't require that a student have 80% of their courses be within their major.

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