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Do I have to finish the BS degree before applying for a Masters?

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    Or can I do it while I'm starting my last semester or so?

    And if the answer is yes, would it hurt my chances?

    The plan right now is to graduate with a Computer Science degree in summer 2010, and I'd like to start studying for a Masters in fall 2010 if possible. Thanks for any help. :)
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    You typically apply for graduate programs the last year of your undergrad degree - so you'd apply in the fall as a senior. You don't need to have the degree in hand, but you do need to complete the bachelors before entering the masters program.
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    I'll be graduating with a BS in physics this coming spring, but I plan to start applying to graduate school sometime in December. My understanding is that this is a pretty standard thing to do.
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    its comparable to applying to college your last year of high school
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