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Do i need approval to use graphics from one paper in another paper ?

  1. Apr 12, 2009 #1
    just wondering whether copyright approval is needed if i use say an fMRI image from a paper in my own ?

    If so do they require payment ?

    If anybody has had to do this were there any complications, such as the copyright holder having to review in what context the image was used ?


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    If you mean the actual image itself (as opposed to just data you extracted from the image), yes you need approval; definitely from the copyright holder (usually the publisher) but it would probably be a good idea to get a green light from the authors as well.
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    Is there any reason why a journal would refuse approval for re-use in another scientific work ?
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    I'm not sure whether you're asking about an image from someone else's paper, or from one of your own. Either way, f95toli is correct, I believe - you have to get permission from the publisher. As part of the submission process, you have to declare any images etc. you have taken from other papers and provide proof of written permission.

    I'm not aware of any reason why this would be refused in general. Perhaps they may deny it if the information within is considered obsolete, or if it were to be used as part of a marketing publication and you were not offering reimbursment.

    These are probably good questions for your thesis advisor.
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    Thanks for invaluable feedback ..again.
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    Can't you just cite it underneath the image? I don't think it's necessary to contact the author.
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    Well, contacting the author would just be common courtesy in my view; but you are right it is not a requirement.
    However, you definitely MUST get permission from the copyright holder; otherwise it is a form of copyright infringement. Figures in scientific papers are no different from e.g. photos in newspapers in that respect.
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