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Graphics (from Greek γραφικός graphikos, "belonging to drawing") are visual images or designs on some surface, such as a wall, canvas, screen, paper, or stone to inform, illustrate, or entertain. In contemporary usage, it includes a pictorial representation of data, as in c manufacture, in typesetting and the graphic arts, and in educational and recreational software. Images that are generated by a computer are called computer graphics.
Examples are photographs, drawings, line art, graphs, diagrams, typography, numbers, symbols, geometric designs, maps, engineering drawings,
or other images. Graphics often combine text, illustration, and color. Graphic design may consist of the deliberate selection, creation, or arrangement of typography alone, as in a brochure, flyer, poster, web site, or book without any other element. Clarity or effective communication may be the objective, association with other cultural elements may be sought, or merely, the creation of a distinctive style.
Graphics can be functional or artistic. The latter can be a recorded version, such as a photograph, or interpretation by a scientist to highlight essential features, or an artist, in which case the distinction with imaginary graphics may become blurred. It can also be used for architecture.

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  1. Ffflovin_20

    Creating a Computer Graphics Career Goal: A Rough Plan for 960 Hours

    Goal/Background I've taken these courses before(from different college/sources but didn't resonate) So my current career goal is to get into computer graphics industry or research. Open to both game engines or simulation graphics Academic goal is to prepare myself for upcoming Computer...
  2. BiGyElLoWhAt

    3d plot of interference from 2 wave sources with 2d grid surface

    Desired output similar to image, but without the objects and with better wave interference: I tried plugging the following into wolfram (I specifically want the values to be adjustable): plot z= H*e^(-m*sqrt((x-a)^2+(y-b)^2))*sin(k*(x-a)+k*(y-b) -w*t) +...
  3. C

    Photon Arrival Rate, Chapter 1.5 from Computer Graphics by Folly

    I've been reading Computer Graphics: Principles and Practice by Folly and I've encountered the following paragraph in chapter 1.5. I haven't understood how he got to the result in the following calculation, that if there exists a single 100W light bulb, emitting an order of ## 10^{12} ##...
  4. George Keeling

    I Excellent 3D Graphics thing at math3d.org

    May I recommend math3d.org as a website for making 3D-Graphics for fresh_42's page on List of Online Calculators for Math, Physics, Earth and Other Curiosities. I also might recommend cloudconvert.com to make .gifs. It is simpler than ezgif.com, mainly because it is not so feature rich. Here...
  5. KyleGranger

    Refurbished Graphics Card or Not

    I found a refurbished Quadro M4000 for about $250. I'm wondering if I should get this or a new card for about the same price. The M400 refurbished comes with a 4 year extended warranty so basically $300 with a 4 year warranty.
  6. PeroK

    Graphics and Animation software recommendations

    I've been learning Python and I've got a program to generate Knight's tours on a chessboard. The output is in the format A1-C2 ... What software would I need, for example, to produce an animation of the knight hopping round a chessboard?
  7. BillTre

    Turing Prize goes to Pixar Computer Graphics Pioneers

    Here is a NY Times article on this. They were recognized for their work on three-dimensional computer graphics and get $1,000,000. Besides Hollywood special effects, their techniques are used in video games, and virtual reality (more useful now in the age of social distancing).
  8. F

    Where Can I Learn More About Physics Graphics Simulations?

    Summary: Physics Graphics Simulation I am interested in modeling physics using graphics simulations. I took a python course with CS majors and one of the assignments was to simulate a planet orbiting a star. That being said, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good resources that I could...
  9. K

    Good sites for animated graphics

    Hi all, I am interested viewing graphics of transition states in lepton fermion scattering, and various similar high energy collisions. Does anyone know where I could view these animations?
  10. E

    Computer graphics taken to the extreme

    I thought this was pre-rendered, but it's a real-time benchmark using the unity engine.
  11. A

    Mathematica Best way to reproduce these graphics?

    I would like some advices to reproduce graphics like this. Particularly, I would like that each straight segment has an arrow in the middle.
  12. F

    Need Forum for Outlandish Science Ideas

    Hello, Does anyone know of a science forum that deals with far out, controversial theories & ideas? This would be similar to the science fiction forum here at PF but may even be more outlandish, however postings would receive serious consideration. I have made some simple animations that I...
  13. R

    Understanding Grids and Units in Computer Graphics and Physics Simulations

    Hello, I am having trouble comprehending how grids are made and defined in computers. What is the unit that they use and how is it defined ? I know that softwares use standardized units of measure (measurement) such as centimetre. Basically, how is a 3-Dimensional Space created in computers...
  14. A

    How to make thick line in 3D graphics (webGL)?

    Hi guys, I have a webGL application and my understanding is there is no option or at least the option to make thick lines is not working so I thought I would try to write my own routine. I suppose I could just make a double plot of the data just off-set a bit but I'm not exactly sure how to do...
  15. Adoniram

    I Help me understand these cosmological horizons and graphics

    Hi all, I am trying to understand a few basic concepts about cosmology and the CMB, but I am not getting the information presented in these graphics. I've seen them a million times, and I generally just take it for granted without close examination, but now it's bothering me. (these come from...
  16. pat65

    Need some advice on an appropriate computer language to use

    Hello All, OK, I have been programming since the early 1980's. Programmed in many different languages along the way such as Pascal, C++, C, Visual Basic, and some C# (among others). I pretty much program so that I can model physics. I find it GREAT way to actually understand the physics...
  17. C

    Unlocking Realistic Rotational Collisions with Physics & Graphics Engines

    Hi all! I'm currently working on a graphics/physics engine. The following Wikipedia page was extremely helpful in making rectilinear collisions look natural: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elastic_collision#Two-dimensional Specifically, the very general vector form of the equation on the bottom...
  18. S

    Graphics illustrating vector potential for plane EM wave

    I'm looking for a diagram or animation that shows the vector potential A (in the form of arrows or whatever) superimposed on the E and B fields of a plane EM wave. Since A is not unique, maybe two or three versions of the diagram (including one with Coulomb guage). An animation with a slider to...
  19. Z

    Graphics using Abstract Algebra

    Homework Statement I can't understand how abstract aljebra helps in creating graphical patterns. I don't find eq related to Groups. Do we consider predefined structures [/B] Homework Equations No equation only patterns. one pattern is attached The Attempt at a Solution I don't know how it...
  20. S

    Rounding error making my graphics barely off?

    I'm trying to draw a circle and a (possibly rotated) square on a grid. I have the circle part down and it's the square that is giving me trouble. I am originally given 2 points which represent the coordinates containing opposite ends of the square. For example, those 2 points would be (8,14) and...
  21. davenn

    Pi day comedy - stick all your graphics jokes etc in here

    22/7 has rolled around again here's a starter ...
  22. E

    C# What are the differences between creating graphical programs in Java and C#?

    A https://driven2services.com/staging/mh/index.php?threads/18929/ about Java prompted me to ask about graphics in Java and C#, especially from the standpoint of teaching. I know how to create graphical applications in Java using Swing, but I know very little about C#. Swing applications have a...
  23. E

    B Solar cell educational graphics - review for possible errors

    Hi, Jake here. I've created some graphics about solar cells that covers high level, general info and even delves into some atomic-level subjects. However, I'm no physicist and I'm sure it shows. If any of you could take a quick look at my work and review for errors, that would be awesome. My...
  24. Invulnerability

    How Do You Derive the Perspective Transformation Matrix for a View Plane at z=0?

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical physics forums, so no HH Template is shown > Problem Statement: Derive the perspective transformation matrix in homogeneous coordinates for the case of the view plane parallel to the x-y plane and passing through z=0, when the Projection...
  25. KleZMeR

    C/C++ How can I easily install a C++ plot library on a Mac?

    Hi All, Not sure if this is the right place for this thread but it seemed like it was. I have been trying for two whole days to get some plotting tools up and running that will work with my: OSX 10.8.5, Xcode 5.1. I have tried MathGL, Plplot, Gnuplot, Chplot, matplotpp, etc. I get errors...
  26. S

    MHB Graphics Coordinate: Is This Correct?

    The answer is E. Since the line is passing the parable at x = 1 and 2 I used between these values to satisfy the inequality(x − 1)4< (x − 1)X = 1,5 (1,5 -1)4 < (1,5 -1) 0,0625 < 0,5 Is this correct?
  27. A

    Graphics programming for Windows - what tools to use?

    I have plenty of experience of other systems, from right back to Calcomp pen plotters and the first graphics terminals up to OpenGL, but I haven't done any graphics programming for a few years and I've never programmed graphics on Windows before. So the question is, what libraries...
  28. G

    Is OpenGL too old for computer graphics programming?

    I am new to the world of computer science. I learned C language last year in my university. I also have a basic knowledge of OOP concepts and C# I want to learn Computer Graphics. I found this book named "Computer Graphics Using OpenGL by F.S. Hill" in the Library. The copyright year of the...
  29. A

    Questions regarding dedicated graphics card

    I am planning to get a HP laptop with 2GB dedicated graphics card, but I heard that laptops with dedicated graphics easily burn down. Is it true, and are there anyways to prevent this from happening? Because I heard that you can switch between integrated and dedicated or something like that. And...
  30. X

    What graphics card should I choose for playing Civilization 5 on a 42 screen?

    I haven't bought/upgraded desktop pc since 2007, and haven't been seriously following trends since. So, this morning, after all night researching about processors (it was very difficult to classify them by quality, not like old Pentium 1-4 days. In fact, I couldn't even determine what generation...
  31. C

    Video Game Graphics and Physics

    I was numerically solving the wave equation earlier just to produce a simple illustration of a vibrating string and my computer was working pretty hard. Then I realized how many video games nowadays have such awesome graphics with things like water, waves, motion in general, etc... Are these...
  32. L

    Why Does My Graphics Card Keep Crashing When Playing Games or Watching Videos?

    I used to play League of Legends, but I stopped playing it because my screen would turn a bunch of different colors and freeze. I set up a fan to blow inside the computer, and that kept it from freezing for a while, because I guess it was overheating, but then it started freezing even though...
  33. C

    Is a Graphics Tablet good for math practice?

    I'm currently discarding tons of paper for math practice and I wonder if a tablet is a good replacement. Is it as comfortable? Is it better?
  34. I

    What software is best for creating 3D graphics in scientific papers?

    Hi to all. I want your opinion about which software is the most suitable for rendering 3D graphics in order to include these as figures in manuscripts, papers etc. I have seen many papers such as in Nature Physics, Nature Photonics etc that some 3D figures are really awesome. Especially, i...
  35. N

    Amazing Galactic Wall Graphics

    Came across some rather [to me] incredible views of some large scale structures our universe...Check out the large graphic here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galaxy_filament and if interested, also click on the additional illustrations just below...
  36. K

    Can This Graphics Demo Really Run in Real Time?

    Is this graphics demo real or fake? I don't think that any PC hardware exists capable of running this graphics engine, and probably won't for at least 10 years.
  37. B

    Wireless graphics tablet that works anywhere

    Can anyone recommend me a device that has an electronic stylus and pad to which I can write, and my work is automatically saved into some format readable by a computer? The device should be wireless and thus have its own battery, and it should ideally (like the Kindle) have a memory so that work...
  38. K

    The most incredible SKyrim graphics mod you will ever see

    http://kotaku.com/5961994/what-skyrim-looks-like-when-youre-running-100-mods-at-once Apparently this was running on 100 different graphics and texture mods simultaneously. And it probably ran at 5 frames per second (sarcasm).
  39. E

    Is a graphics calculator necessary anymore?

    My Texas Intrusments graphics calculator recently had some liquid spilt over it and therefore doesn't work anymore. I'm now wondering whether it's worth spending some $200 for a new graphics calculator or whether I should just settle for a simple Casio FX100AU? I'm in an Electrical Engineering...
  40. K

    What is the Best Power Supply for Upgrading Graphics Cards?

    I was thinking about upgrading my graphics cards from two HD 5870's to either two HD 7970's or two GTX 670's. Right now I have an 850W power supply, which probably isn't enough for those two cards. What PSU might you recommend for the cards I listed? I heard the GTX 670 and 680 are very close...
  41. H

    Java Java3D graphics: solid line looks dashed

    Dear all, In Java and using Java3D library, I have created a GUI for viewing finite element quad element meshes. I am facing two problems with the graphics: 1. In order to draw the meshes, I draw the quads and the edges separately so that I am able to remove one and leave the other on...
  42. K

    MATLAB Easy MATLAB Graphics: Plot, Change Linewidth and Linestyle

    Hello! I'm trying to make an easy MATLAB programme in which you can plot your graphs, change the linewidth, and linestyle in the graphs you want etc. I've managed to use to dialog windows in MATLAB and write a loop which plots a given function. Now I want the programme to ask the user for the...
  43. N

    Mathematica Mathematica: Opacity and graphics

    Hi I have the following graphic: Graphics[{Opacity[0.5], Rectangle[{0, 0}, {1, 3}]}] Say I want opacity to vary with x, e.g. with the expression opacity = x^2. Is there a way to do this? I checked out the "Help", but there were no examples of a varying opacity. Niles.
  44. M

    Linux Graphics Software: Color Rectangular Cells Freely

    I have problem like this:recetengular cells,each of the cells should be colored.I have tried with NCL-NcCAR but it is too complicated to write script for me and I do not want to waste time.Can anyone tell me about free software?
  45. S

    Comp Sci Data Structures & Algorithms in JAVA: Graphics using JFrame

    Homework Statement This assignment handles topics of events and GUI-elements. It's a little game. The task: create a window with a button that randomly relocates to a different position on the screen each time it is hit. The player has to hit the button 10 times, the score is the time needed...
  46. R

    MATLAB Simple Matlab Graphics Question

    I have a for loop spitting out 60 graphs that I have to save to a file. I have to rename them anyways, so saving them by hand is not the issue. I'm wanting know how to maximize the screen and iteratively name the figures. i.e. my code looks like for i = 1:30 (stuff) figure(i) do...
  47. M

    Java Optimizing Graphics Acceleration in Java: A Solution to Slow Mouse Motion Update

    I have made a java code which displays a blue sphere and let's you control with the mouse where its illumination comes from. (its actually a circle and some parts are painted white/blue/black depending on the mouse position to make it look 3D) here is the code import javax.swing.*...
  48. A

    I need suggestions for a new graphics card ?

    I've got four nvidia 580s runnIng in quad SLI, but they are just not cutting it for me anymore speed wise. Any suggestions? Money is not an issue.
  49. T

    Learning Graphics for Simple Games in C++: A Beginner's Guide

    I have a question are there any books that might show someone who is fairly new to computer programming how to add images for a simple game that is not just text based in c++? It mostly just be something fairly simple, like a side scroller(that would probably be as complex as I would want it for...
  50. P

    Computer Graphics: Bilinear Patch Explained

    In the context of Computer Graphics, what is a bilinear patch?