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Do physicists agree that unified field exists ?

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    In the Reykjavik Grapevine, www.grapevine.is (dated 9.5.2009), the journalist Haukur S Magnusson interviewed the American film director David Lynch.

    Mr. Lynch said the following:

    (Begin quote.)

    It is such an interesting time, because quantum physics, for instance, has now
    discovered and verified the existence of the unified field at the base of all matter
    and mind – at the base of anything that is a thing. This unified field is the same
    field that one experiences when transcending. Quantum psychics says that everything
    that is a thing has emerged from this field of unity in a process they call
    "spontaneous sequential symmetry breaking." Ancient Vedic science – the science of
    consciousness – has always known about this unified field. And Vedic science knows
    precisely the numerous steps consciousness goes through from the unmanifest level of
    unity to all levels of manifestation. It is so great to see that with each step
    forward modern science takes, it verifies the ancient Vedic science.

    (End quote.)

    MY QUESTIONS: Is the first sentence correct ? Do physicists actually agree that (1) a unified field has been discovered, and (2) it is the basis of all matter ?

    If so, can you cite publications on this point, which are understandable to the educated non-physicist ?

    Thank you.
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    1) No
    2) No
    3) Why do you expect Lynch to be knowledgeable about quantum physics ?
    4) Is this a trick between "quantum physics" and "quantum psychics" ?
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    1) & 2) agreed
    3) Dude .. he made like, "Dune", and stuff ...
    4) ROFL

    In all seriousness, @ the OP, thank you for at least bothering to come here and check out that amazingly broad and incorrect statement before just assuming it was correct and moving forward. I wish more people would check the facts before drawing conclusions. Tip 'o the hat to you sir!
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