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Unified Field Theory - Consciousness

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    "Mysticism in Quantum Mechanics": the forgotten controversy by Juan Miguel Marin, Harvard, Eur. J. Phys. 30 (2009) 807 - 822. How's that Mr. Mentor? Or are you going to censor this post also? Small-minded world physicists, like the 'flatlander-earth-centric' astronomers of old better take their blinders off regarding the missing piece of 'consciousness' in any true unified field theory before some young, out-of-the-box thinking, doctorate candidate turns your/our world upside down. Open your mind and stop with the circular argument that all posts have to be based on 'mainstream' science to be worthy of this board. It's common knowledge that all major scientific breakthroughs have happened this way. You are just holding your finger in the dike. Sorry, but true.
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    Please note that you are claiming that such a thing can be incorporated to solve such "unified field theory"! Where in that paper is there such a claim?! This is similar to a creationist citing Thermo's law (a perfectly valid idea) to back up claim that evolution violates such laws!

    There is a difference between claiming "mysticism" in QM (still highly dubious by itself) to making a jump that it can address field unification. THAT is the peer-reviewed connection that I asked for!

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    Did you actually read the paper itself or just jump on the word "Mysticism" in the title? The paper itself is nothing like you seem to think.

    And as for "worthy of this board", it has nothing to do with "worth". The person who pays to have this board on the internet (thank you, by the way) can put on or delete whatever he wants!
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    Do you honestly think arguing with the moderators and calling them names is going to help?
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    This is not a board oriented to discussion of fads in physics. It is intended to educate people on established mainstream science. And what you call "circular" is actually a very demanding process that culls out most useless speculation.

    As to where the next big thing is coming from... how would you know any more than anyone else? Most breakthroughs come from years of hard work, and generally not from idle speculation.

    If you have something useful to say, say it and skip the impolite editorial comments. Posting a reference alone is fairly worthless given the number of papers published daily.
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