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Do Physics Grad programs fly you out for interviews?

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    I've become somewhat curious about this since I'm starting the Grad School application process.

    I know some universities will fly you out for an interview for their grad program. Do physics grad programs do this, or is this something determined by the graduate school itself, ie ALL/NO graduate studies for school X fly out people for interviews, or the specific graduate program of school X determines whether they fly people out.

    I guess I'm just curious. It really has no bearing on whether or not I'm going to apply to certain universities, but I would like to be able to see what the area around the campus is like, especially when I'm applying to a lot of places on the other side of the US.

    Does anyone know of specific places that fly you out?

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    I'm not sure which programs actually require interviews. I thought only medical schools and scripps research institute required an interview. That being said, if accepted, most schools, if not all, will fly you out to visit the campus at their expense.
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    I'm not sure if physics programs require interviews either. I've heard mixed things from people. Some say they do, and others they don't. Though I've never actually talked to someone who had to do one....

    Really? That's good to know :) I really love some programs, but I have no idea about the surrounding area, and I don't want to blindly accept anything.
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    None of the graduate schools I applied to asked for an interview. I don't think that's common in the sciences at all. However, if you get in, many of them will fly you out to see the school before you make a decision. Even lower ranked schools will do this.
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    Okay, thanks :) Do they offer to fly you out, or is that something you have to negotiate with the university?
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