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Do professors hate writing multiple LoRs?

  1. Aug 30, 2013 #1
    I'm not exactly in college yet but will be soon. Looking at several threads, reus are extremely competitive, especially for freshmen. Many say to apply to ten or fifteen of them. But is it typical to send that many LoRs for one student?
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    Here's a secret: those of us who have written Letters of Recommendations before, we simply just print out more if you need more. Or in these modern times, we just upload as many times as needed.

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    Yeah whenever I've needed LORs from one teacher, I just told him to use the old ones again lol! But we're pretty close so it's cool, I don't how well that would work in a more formal relationship.
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    Haha thanks for the reassurances, I would have had a panic attack plotting on how to ask them for multiples!
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