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Do rich people have more friends?

  1. Aug 13, 2009 #1
    What do you guys think? To what extent, does having money, help you in your social bondings?
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    Whats up with these weird threads?
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    I don't know about bonding, but the wealthier you are the more people want to know you. And not necessarily for shady reasons. To have become wealthy (by that I mean self-starter of some kind) typically requires you to be unique in some way. Personality/character traits that make people curious about you. Then there are just those that want to use you for their own means. You may know more people but you are likely to only have a few close "friends" that you socially "bond" with. IMO of course.
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    wealth = more leisure time = more time for friends
  6. Aug 14, 2009 #5
    how does wealth = more leisure time???
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    unless you're a workaholic, but you know how those guys are, they'll be counting their tee times as "business"
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    The more you make, the less you work, typically. :) I realized this dynamic early in life! Just took me awhile to get there.
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    But, I have to add. If you love your job, you won't really be working.
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    Could you give us an example of a particular job?

    Recently, I've begun to think this way:
    "The more we earn, the more likely we are to complain about lack of time because we equate our high earnings with a sense of entitlement to more leisure and feel resentful that time cannot be stretched."
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    Like my previous post. Many wealthy people love what they do. They don't have as much leisure time but they may not enjoy it as much as working at what they love to do.

    And your question doesn't work because a job for one person is heaven and to another it's hell.
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    ah.. so you were talking about subjective wealth?
  13. Aug 14, 2009 #12
    No, monetary.
  14. Aug 14, 2009 #13
    so the pivot here is not "being rich"... what you're saying is "loving what you do"
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    I was responding to the post suggesting that in order to be rich (I prefer the term "wealthy") you have to sacrifice leisure. But, that only works if you treasure leisure time. Many wealthy individual treasure their work. Particularly those who created their work in some way or another. Think artists, inventors, entrepreneurs...
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    meh. wealth gives you options. some people opt for socializing. some would rather piddle in their workshop/lab/office.
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