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Do University Physics Departments allow EE Ph.D.'s to teach Physics?

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    I'm a 2nd BS Physics student with a strong interest in Computer Science. I probably won't have time to double major, so I'll have at least a CS minor along with the Physics degree. I'd like to enter doctoral studies afterwards, and it's a toss-up between Applied Physics and EE.

    My career goals are to have an environment where I'm involved in industry (software/hardware/startup space), while remaining open to teaching opportunities. Would an EE Ph.D. bar me from teaching Physics courses, even if it was just lower-division courses on an adjunct, or Assistant Professorship basis?
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    If you're comfortable being a Lecturer or Adjunct, you could certainly find a teaching job, particularly at a 2-year school. Keep in mind that it's semi-volunteer work, the pay is so low. My physics 1 and 2 professor at community college was an EE, had a masters in that field, and was going to grad school for his PhD in physics.
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