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  1. S

    Bullet science fair project?

    anyone have any ideas how I could design a science fair project around bullet physics? I was leaning toward muzzle velocity and bullet speed. also the power the different calibre's of bullets have on impact but I am not sure how to design the experiment or measure results any help would be...
  2. N

    Help With Creating A Science Project

    HELLO TO EVERYONE i am appearing for an examination where i have to submit a project report based on science [ practically any] i should be able to make a theoretical or practical project which is innovative, creative it should not be something which is improving the technology available...
  3. Q

    Ideas for science fair project

    I was wondering if anyone new of anyway to test relativity in an easy experiment, or an easy experiement forthe photoelectric effect.
  4. H

    Material Science Project

    Hi everyone, i'm working on a project but having some problems in finding some Carbon_Steel(medium) properties such as yield strength..etc... if someone can find me a properties table showing these parameters i'll be thankfull...:bugeye:
  5. M

    Can You Take 5 minutes to Help me With my Science Fair Project?

    Could you please go to" [Broken]and participate in an experiment for my science fair project? Once at the website, you will click on a link to watch a 2-1/2 minute video. Then your browser will redirect you to a page with some questions for you to answer. After you...
  6. P

    Science Fair Project, please help!

    My science fair project is basically making a game. In this game you pick up diamonds, and the objective is to pick all 10 of them up in the least amount of time. My theory is that teens will have lesser time than adults, but i dont know how to put this in a 'physics/science' way. I also...
  7. G

    Advice needed about a science project

    Well around mid-August I watched an episode of Nova that was showing a brief explanation of RNA interference and its application. So I decided to do a little research in to and came to realize that this is something I would like to do for a science project. This is generally the time of year...
  8. L

    Build a Maglev= (Magnetic levitation) train for a science project

    Hi there, I need to build a Maglev= (Magnetic levitation) train for a science project. I already build a track with coils and permanent magnets, but unfortunately my teacher doesn't know which computer program is suitable to switch the current whenever it's needed along with the north and...
  9. C

    LaTex for my science fair project

    I really want to use LaTex for my science fair project. I went to the LaTex website and went to instructions in getting LaTex. I know I need to get something called MikTex. Can someone please explain to me how to get LaTex, and use it to write papers? I saw all the other posts, but they never...
  10. G

    What are some things worth looking at in Biology for a science fair project?

    I’m starting to think about what I want to do for the regional science fair and this year I might do something pertaining to biology, so ideas and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Regards, Garret
  11. D

    Need ideas for Science Fair project related to math

    Hi everyone: I 'd like to enter the New-York Intel ISEF fair with a project related to phyical science or math. I'm open to any ideas, but keep in mind -The project must be original research on a specific topic. :smile: It needs to be something thats new and follows the scientific method...
  12. P

    Science project suggestions

    OK, some of you may know me, but for those who don't, I'm no expert in SST or LQG. I have read a decent amount of books, but I can't even fathom the mathematics (pretty much the real source) of either. My knowledge extends to The Elegant Universe, Carlo Rovelli's livingreview Quantum Gravity...
  13. F

    Science projects

    can anyone suggest a website or textbook that shows college science projects about light, waves, oscillations and alternating circuits with materials and procedures? :redface:
  14. C

    Science project about the Quantum Computer

    I am having a science project at school about the quantum computer next week, so I wanted to know if anyone knows any good books/articles/e-books about the subject. I would be very interrested in the most simple of it, I know nothing about the Quantum computer/theory is simple, but some of them...
  15. R

    Help with Science Project, please

    Help with Science Project, please!! I was wondering whether anyone here could help me with a science project I have. The assignment requires me to build a catapult/launcher that can launch a ping-pong ball up to a distance of 10 metres. I was wondering whether anyone here knows of any good...
  16. R

    Can someone help me with my science project

    hi,how fast is the suction rate of a gravit type colescing spartor and ho log does i take to process it?
  17. I

    Quantum information science project

    ALOHA! I'm doing a career project for my science class, and I chose quantum information science. One of the major requirements is to get an interview from a professional in the field. I have e-mailed about 5 or 6 scientists in the past 2 weeks, and have not (to my great dismay) recieved a...
  18. P

    Large capacitor bank for a science project

    Hi, im building a Rail Gun for a science fair, i am having trouble though. i do not know what kind of resistors i should get for charging\discharging. my capacitor bank is made up of 2000 50V 10000Pf radial type ceramic capcitors. i though all i needed was 2000 50V resistors. please reply by...
  19. Greg Bernhardt

    Science fair project ideas

    This seems to be a fairly common question. Lets make a list of possible topics and projects someone could do for these competitions.
  20. T

    Quantum Physics Science Advanced Project

    So, I love physics and math. I have my first Science fair coming up, and I've dreamed about this day since I was five. Putting my knowledge into work that my peers can judge, and maybe spark interest in Physics for someone else. What project could I do that is Quantum Physics or really any...
  21. C

    Help science project due tomorrow - Figure Skater Jump

    Help science project due tomorrow -- Figure Skater Jump Hello, I need help on my physics project that is dues tomorrow. The project is about the energy conservation of a figure skater doing a waltz jump. There are four stages that I explain her kinetic, potential and total energy. For stage...
  22. E

    Econ: Budget cuts and expensive laboratory science projections for 10s

    (I am going to attempt a 2nd, little thread before I finish my earlier thread. I want to see if I can practice using PF Rules & Guidelines and FAQ before I wrap up my thread on Autism in Medical Sciences.) In my humble opinion, the current budget crisis in the news likely augurs deep cuts -...
  23. S

    Little bit of help for science fair project please

    Little bit of help for science fair project please!! Hi guys, I am 13 years old and I am a new member on this forum and I need help with a science fair project. For my project I am showing how companies make tablets so I need to learn how to make a tablet. I did some research but some of the...
  24. F

    ADR for Middle School Science fair project (Magnetic Refrigeration)

    Hi, I'm curious about doing a middle school science fair project showing how magnetism can be used to cool Gadolinium and thus demonstrate the basis of magnetic refrigeration (ADR). From what I've read it looks like the requirements for generating the required magnetic field would make such...
  25. Ascendant78

    Questions regarding science fair/talent projects?

    I recently read an article about a science fair that raised a lot of questions for me. The article discussed the projects of the high school students who had placed in the fair. These students had achieved some amazing feats in their projects, and half of the projects have terminology in them...
  26. E

    Astro Physics Project Ideas for my National Science Fair

    Hi, I'm 16 years old and I really want to win my national science fair. I'm fascinated by all things space and I have been addicted to astrophysics ever since my Dad showed me a documentry on the discovery channel when I was ten. I was wondering if anyone could put me on the right path...
  27. B

    Brush DC Motor Science Project HELP

    So I have a Gr 11 Physics Science project. I need to build a Brushed DC motor. I already build an armature with coils. I have a copper commutator and copper are connected to it. Lastly, I placed electric tape on the wood body The problem is that I don't know how to make an effective Brush...
  28. J

    Physics Science Fair Project Idea ! HELP NEEDED !

    Hello everybody ! I'm a 15 years old student in ninth grade.My country will do the selective Physics Science Fair for ISEF.The winners will have opportunity to compare on I-Sweep next year.All best students of my country will participate in this competition.Most of them will be helped very much...
  29. C

    How Do You Find The Surface Tension of Water? 14 years old; Science Fair Project

    I need to find the surface tension of water and how it is effected by different kinds of soap. I am unsure how to find the surface tension of a liquid though. Please and thank you! xoxo Best wishes! NERD OUT. ∞ Homework Statement ... Homework Equations ... The Attempt at a...
  30. S

    High School physics science project

    Does anybody have a good idea for an advanced physics project for a high school student (10th grade). not just models or the angle to throw a ball the farthest stuff but I still want to be able to do experiments. Thanks