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Do You ever think of your life as if it's being read from a book?

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    I know it sounds weird, but I'm not really sure how to explain it...:uhh:
    Sometimes I do this thing, where when something happens to me, I will like think of it like it's in a book. For example:

    My dad is yelling at me and then he pushes me to the ground.
    As I run up the stairs to my room, my thoughts will go something like this: "And in that moment, she knew, she just had to get away from this man who had held her captive for too many years."

    That's actually a bad example, but I hope you get the picture. I've had thoughts like this ever since I can remember, and I was just wondering if anyone else does the same thing! :tongue:
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    Only if i had been reading alot at the time.
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    Yes, I do. Not quite like that. When a friend was ruing his boring, lonely life I cheered him up by telling him this was merely page 25 of the story that is his life. Tomorrow is page 26! What adventure awaits!?

    Looking at each day of your life as if it's in your memoirs can reassure one that, boring as today is...

    Tamarrah is anuthah day!
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    Having noticed how the ratio of good and bad things in my life is never very high i've wondered if at one point i signed up for life and, not having much money to fund it, i'm now getting what i paid for.
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    I mentioned this before in a thread hypnagogue started about different states of consciousness (not altered, per se, because this can be a base state) and I brought up the fact that my own life often feels as if it is playing out a novel. I've even thought in the past that a good life, at least for me, is one that reads like a good story, as opposed to the usual consensus that a good life is the one resulting in material success or happiness.

    You might see a bit of that in my Sylvia Plath quotation. Of course, we all know how that worked out for her.
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