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Do you know Dragan Hajdukovic's models work?

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    Hi, I have been reading a number of papers by Dragan Hajdukovic's on his work related to models for dark matter. How mainstream / well regarded is his work / models?
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    In general it is considered highly unlikely that any non-particle dark matter model is going to work (that is, anything but a weakly-interacting particle with non-zero mass and low temperature). It's really, really difficult for anything but a dark matter model to fit observations of galaxies, galaxy clusters, and the CMB together. The CMB is especially important here.

    Has Hajdukovic estimated a CMB temperature power spectrum for his model? If he hasn't, I wouldn't give the model any credence at all.

    Edit: I should add that I see no reason (yet) to believe that he's anything but a good theorist. It's just that there's a diversity of theoretical ideas, and most turn out to be incorrect.
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    Understood, and thanks, Chalnoth.
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