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Do you let people copy out your homework?

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    Lastly I have a bad dilemma at school. People want to copy off my homework in fact I never want to give it to them. Teachers are more important to me then all these false friends and I don't want to loose their trust, but I don't want to make enemies and rise against anyone either. Usually I say that homework is a home work and it is for you. Everyone rises independently and gains knowledge in also the same way, in addition I came to do work not to do work for others therefore you should do it yourself or don't lie to people at least as that's what causes suffering in this world.

    But, sometimes I give it to them. I don't know why. I mean, I give it to pretty girls ( I know I'm dumb and stupid) but I really don't want to do that. Then I loose all day, thinking over whether I'm going to loose teacher's trust and friendship or not. They say they are not going to copy off the paper but I know what they are exactly doing. What do you think I should do in such case of giving people my work, and what do you usually do when people ask you for one. I'm sure they did it not once,

    Thanks, :)
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    I once made the mistake of doing a bit of home work for a girl because she had me all twitterpated. Other than that I never did anyone elses work for them or let them copy off of me. It's not a good thing to do.
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    Why should anyone not want to be taken advantage of by others, possibly risking their academic life in the process?

    Oh yeah - remind me never to hire you.
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    Never, ever give out your homework. It is cheating them out of their future, it is lying to the teachers, it is being a party to plagurism, it destroys your credibility and makes you more likely to lie and be untrustworthy in the future, it's thankless work that you never get anything out of. Don't worry about, as you called it, making enemies. If people are to lazy to do their homework, or don't want to get honest help, then they aren't worth a second thought, as an enemy or a friend. Your integrity is more important then making friends or enemies, or even hurting their feelings. Most times it's just a sham to make you feel sorry for them.
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    Chi Meson

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    Try this:

    Be very original with your homework anwers. Especially when answering conceptual questions. Be funny, say weird things. As a teacher, I love it when students put some life into their answers.

    It also forces others to not copy verbatim. IF they do, well they're screwed. I don't think there's anything wrong with allowing another student to see what you wrote for an answer, or how you solved a problem. It's the verbatim copiers I dislike.

    But homework is not the primary grading asessment anyway for me. I tell them that the real pain for not doing homework will be felt during the tests.

    I agree with others here too, that anyone who repeatedly asks to copy homework is not worth your time. And if you are a good student in all other ways, your teachers should not lose respect for you because you thought you were helping another student.
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    I don't think it's wrong to let your friends copy.

    I'd let my friends copy if it were a needed case. They clearly didn't have time or what not. I'll help out my friends because that's what friends do.

    If it was someone who I did not consider a true friend, I wouldn't even let them glance at my copy.

    If your true friend is intelligent and knows his/her stuff, but clearly has no time or something came up that did not allow them to do the homework then I say letting them copy is ok. In terms of ethics, I think Aristotle would agree. :biggrin:

    Note: Einstein copied and no one died.

    You say you want to earn the teacher's respect, but what about your true friends respect by lending them a hand. Do you really want to see them earn a zero on an assignment when they had a legitimate cause for not being able to finish? You can argue that they can talk to the professor, but sometimes that just isn't possible.
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    I agree, sometimes you just can't get it, and you need to see how someone else did it. Plus, if your in a bind or they are in a bind, you can help eachother out. I'm not saying copy verbatim, but use the same methodology to solve the problem.

    Eh, watch Jason and I get letters in the mail from the Honor board.....:frown:
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    I don't let people copy.

    If it's just a homework assignment I'm be willing to sit down and compare methods to see where they went wrong (or where I went wrong) or just provide general hints regarding the problems.

    The point of homework is to better understand the material so anything that does that is fair game for me.
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    Me and my friends copy but it's pretty much "I missed 3 or 4 problems" which for us, helps our grades but never really forces us to lose out on our education. We also keep to a 1:1 kinda thing where if one person doesn't finish a few problems and asks for the answers, they better finish another test and let us see when we miss a few problems. We never let someone copy everytime without helping us out.

    A great sense of mis-trust in eachother is always helpful though since we're always questioning why each of us did something which helps us learn haha.
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    Me and my friends?
  12. Apr 3, 2006 #11
    When you're from CA that's called proper english. Could have been "me and my peeps". :wink:
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    I thought they cut it down to...

    "me peeps"

    I'm confused now.
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    thank you guys for answers, I also have another problem, rather harder to solve. Suppose you're taking a test, and suddenly a person behind you starts to kick you in the back trying to get some answers out of you. You don't want him/her to get into trouble, so you're not going to yell "Just stop it! I'm not telling you anything" you're not also going to punch a person in the face because fighting is never a right solution. I mean, you can tell the teacher or the person, but that makes enemies, and why bring people into trouble? not worth it. So actually you have 3 choices, tell the answer, tell the wrong answer (happens that actually you have all the answers wrong and give the person all rights -> lesser probability) or in some silent way tell the person to stop. I found two good ways to do this, show the middle finger - always works but unpleasant, wave up your hand - takes up more muscles then middle finger and more easy to notice by the teacher. In fact you don't want to do anything from it, so what do you do?

    A few months ago, we were writing an essay in class, in the middle of it, a person asked to me show him because he wants to see my ideas and how I wrote it altogether. Well, I did show it to him, but in fact I saw him copying off my essay :bugeye: When I got it back, I asked him to show me his, and what I heard? He suddenly became busy checking it and doing work for other classes. I grabbed it short after the bell, and he copied my body paragraphs and conclusion. I thought, well I'm going to leave the school with a black eye, but I'm not going to be people's donkey either. I ripped off the two pages with my paragraphs leaving him with just an introduction. I didn't want to get into trouble, when teacher reads an essay he often notices 2 the same works. Short after that, I had a conversation with that person. I tried to explain him that things like that bring people into trouble, and dishonesty and he even said sorry to me. Right now it seems like we're alright.
    Has anything like that ever happened you?
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    People that copy only excel in the short term and screw up everyone in the real world when they don't know what they're doing. But that's a fine line, if it was my best friend and I knew he knew how to do the work but had no time, yeah, but some lazy derelict. I'd browbeat them then ask for advanced classes. Then again, I'm not trying to fit in with a fake crowd and I'm a pretty healthy guy. It's ashame that you can't even concentrate on your studies 100% and have to juggle some punk.

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    Me peps yo ng me 4pm lbrnat help me please. Thank you.
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    Have you tried ignoring the kick?

    Cover your paper casually.

    People think that if people copy off you, you get in trouble too. Actually you don't. A teacher once caught someone copying off of me and just politely asked me to change seats away from that person. Then later he disciplined the student. The teacher knew that I wasn't intending to let him cheat, so that's why I didn't get in trouble.
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    Obviously he's been copying their English assignments. :tongue:

    I always had an easy solution to keep prying eyes off my exam papers...long hair! I put my head down to work, and my hair formed a natural curtain around my paper.

    When I was in school, I didn't very often have people ask to copy off me, but on the few occassions when someone did ask, I just blew them off with a laugh and a "yeah, right" look. Working together on ungraded homework assignments was a completely different issue. If it wasn't for a grade, then nobody had motivation to copy anyway, just to figure out where they were going wrong, sort of like the homework help forums here. It'd be more like a group of us sitting around doing our Calculus homework during lunch and one of us would get stuck and ask the table, "I'm on problem 4.2, and here's what I have, but I'm stuck and don't know how to go any further with it," and then shoving the paper to the middle of the table for someone to help.

    When I was a TA for general biology labs, I used to see my students furiously copying their pre-lab assignments off the few A students in the class just before the lab (if they're not even smart enough to try to hide it from the TA, they aren't getting far anyway). So, I just put those problems, or ones very similar, on the quizzes. :devil: Then it was really clear who did their own work and who was copying.
  19. Apr 3, 2006 #18


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    Yes, there's a difference between a teacher catching someone copying off you and a teacher catching you helping them copy, such as you handing your paper to them to look at.
  20. Apr 4, 2006 #19
    I just help my friends with homework. Usually works.
  21. Apr 4, 2006 #20
    Meh, grade or no grade. Im not offended by someone that copies their work in the class. The test grades speak for themselves. When the class avg is a 60% and I have an 83, it becomes clear that their copying for a few measly homework points wont do much in the grand scheme of things.
  22. Apr 5, 2006 #21


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    Oh, you know you do it all the time! And with the girls, make sure you're gettin something back in return. :wink: :tongue2:

    Hey, just ignore them. Especially if they did you some wrong, tell them that everytime, and then say that you've lost their trust.

    Its just fine to share ideas on your essay, but don't let somebody that you think may copy your essay down with yours for over ~2 minutes, especially if he/she doesn't have anything written at all. Never happened to me, but if he said he's sorry and you were both sincere then ok. Sounds like you guys are friends, well not good friends, but maybe more than partial aquaintences.:biggrin: o:) :wink: Happy trails to ye.
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    Depends on the scenario. The people in my usual study groups are usually pretty good about not wanting to directly copy, it almost never happens, because they know they'll be screwed come exam time. But its fairly common for us to look over each others papers as we work the same problem through 2 or 3 times so everyone in the group understands the answer.

    That said, I definitely would not suggest letting someone just copy off your work, its bad for both of you.
  24. Apr 5, 2006 #23

    jimmy p

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    I used to copy my friend's homework all the time, I didn't copy it word for word, I used to read it and then make up my own answer based on theirs. Unless it was maths where I used to just copy, sometimes putting the correct working but wrong answer lol.

    Anyway it didn't hurt me, I got good grades. Copying - the way forward. :tongue2:
  25. Apr 5, 2006 #24
    Yeah. They must have copied their english assignments too.

    The point of homework is not to arrive at the answers. The point is to learn how to do the problems.

    I rarely did any homework, but if I did, I never let anyone cheat off my papers. I would try to help them to understand the process if they asked.
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