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Do you still save hard copies of articles?

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    Stephen Tashi

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    Before the days of fast internet access, I eagerly made copies of interesting technical articles. I even bound them up using "stab binding". However, the way they piled up was a depressing reminder of all the knowledge that I was never going to take time to investigate. Now that the internet is here, I find it much more efficient to only keep electronic copies. When I build a new computer, I copy the articles on saved on the old computer to a DVD. Then I put the DVD away and never look at it. This is much less trouble than using hard copies.
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    Lol. I not only make one electronic copy, I make multiple copies in different places.
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    Hard drive, DVD, pen-drive, dropbox, box.net. Yep.

    Number of backups is directly proportional to how important the article is. :cool:
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    Ben Niehoff

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    I print off copies of the papers I'm currently using as references, in order to more efficiently look up equations and formulas. As for papers I'm just interested in reading, I use electronic copies.
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    I much prefer reading paper copies, so I'll usually print out a copy of an article I'm interested in reading thoroughly, that way I can make short calculations and scribble comments etc. I'm not very organized with storage though, so I'll mostly refer to electronic copies when I want to review something I've already read.
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    I make hard copies (printouts) of stuff that I don't readily understand, and often take them with me to reread and ponder while laying down and hoping to eventually go to sleep. :smile:
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    I try to make a local digital copy of everything that I haven't perused to my satisfaction, with the (perhaps vain) hope that the stuff that I want to get to will still be available on-line when I want to follow up. Such degradation of resources seems to occur slowly, but it does occur.
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    Oh man, I once did that (the stockpiling stuff then never reading it part).. It'll drive you insane if you keep at it!
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    I keep magnetic copies on file, but I only read paper copies.
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