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Hard rock or heavy rock is a loosely defined subgenre of rock music typified by a heavy use of aggressive vocals, distorted electric guitars, bass guitar, and drums, sometimes accompanied with keyboards. It began in the mid-1960s with the garage, psychedelic and blues rock movements. Some of the earliest hard rock music was produced by the Kinks, the Who, the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience. In the late 1960s, bands such as the Jeff Beck Group, Iron Butterfly, the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Golden Earring, Steppenwolf and Deep Purple also produced hard rock.
The genre developed into a major form of popular music in the 1970s, with the Who, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple being joined by Aerosmith, Kiss, Queen, AC/DC and Van Halen. During the 1980s, some hard rock bands moved away from their hard rock roots and more towards pop rock. Established bands made a comeback in the mid-1980s and hard rock reached a commercial peak in the 1980s, with glam metal bands such as Bon Jovi and Def Leppard and the rawer sounds of Guns N' Roses which followed with great success in the later part of that decade.
Hard rock began losing popularity with the commercial success of R&B, hip-hop, urban pop, grunge and later Britpop in the 1990s. Despite this, many post-grunge bands adopted a hard rock sound and the 2000s saw a renewed interest in established bands, attempts at a revival, and new hard-rock bands that emerged from the garage rock and post-punk revival scenes. Out of this movement came garage rock bands like the White Stripes, the Strokes, Interpol and later the Black Keys. In the 2000s, only a few hard-rock bands from the 1970s and 1980s managed to sustain highly successful recording careers.

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  1. E

    Cooling Water in Hard Soil: Data and Questions

    Here’s the data is can supply. Water temperature entering ~51°C. desired water exit temperature ~38-40°C Water flow ~approx. 300L/min. Pipe Inside Dia.- 51mm Pipe Material- HDPE PN16 We would bury the pipe around 1 meter deep. Deeper is not feasible as the trenches would be hand dug in an area...
  2. F

    Studying How Hard is a Master's in Physics at SJSU?

    I want to know how hard is to get a Master's in Physics from SJSU. I am not a Physics major and I want to know if by attending this program will I be able to do other personal activities or is it likw I will just be studying all the time.
  3. H

    B How hard have they banged on quarks, electrons, etc.?

    I think there are so far as we can tell particles of mass that are made up of quarks and leptons (electrons and what not). So far as we know those the fundamental particles of matter. Question - how hard have we banged on quarks/leptons to see if we can blow those up into smaller units? I...
  4. Demystifier

    Asking ChatGPT hard physics questions

    I have tried ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence system, to ask hard questions. Me: What's the best interpretation of quantum mechanics? ChatGPT: Quantum mechanics is a fundamental theory in physics that describes the behavior of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic scale. It is a...
  5. M

    I How hard of a Hit force does it take to make a mass jump?

    I am looking for a formula that I can use to find out how high a steel rod or ball will jump up. If I hit mass M with force F how high will it jump up. If there is a program that would be great. every thing will be in pounds So if ball or rod of 10 lbs is hit on the bottem with 14 lbs of force...
  6. P

    Is undergraduate modern physics hard?

    How hard is it compared to undergraduate thermodynamics? Is it harder or easier?
  7. P

    Can someone give me hard thermodynamics problems?

    I finished first four chapters of Gaskell Thermodynamics of Materials and finished all exercises. Those 4 chapters are: first law, second law and statistical interpretation and introduction. Can someone give me fun problems to solve on these topics. I am really having fun solving those problems.
  8. D

    Normalizing Wavefunction: Hard QM Question)

    So I have come up with my solution(attempt) which is: where ( $$\psi_ 1 \triangleq Asin(kx),0<x<L$$ $$\psi_ 2 \triangleq Be^{-sx},x>L$$ $$k \triangleq \sqrt{\frac{2mE}{\hbar^2}} $$ $$s \triangleq \sqrt{\frac{2m(V-E)}{\hbar^2}} $$) But this has a serious problem about boundary: I think...
  9. H

    Microstates for a gas of hard spheres in a box

    Hi, I have to found the number of microstates for a gas of N spheres of radius r and volume v in box taking into account the reduced volume after each sphere. V sphere << V box. I'm struggling to find the microstates in general. I don't see how to find the number of microstates without knowing...
  10. Y

    How long will a hard Nylon cane last?

    This is not a homework question. I don't know whether this is even the right place to ask, it is very vague. Lately, I have a nice pair of shoes that was stored in the bedroom without extreme temperature change or humidity change. I have it for like 20 years. A month ago, I took it out and used...
  11. theittsco

    A Renormalization with hard cutoff of a loop diagram with single vertex

    Trying to solve for the loop contribution when renormalizing a one loop ##\frac{\lambda}{4!}\phi^4## diagram with two external lines in ##d=4## dimensions. After writing down the Feynman rule I see that: $$\frac{(-i\lambda)}{2}\int d^4q \frac{i}{q^2-m_{\phi}^2+i\epsilon} $$ But I see no way to...
  12. T

    Studying Help How do I raise my GPA? I have a full schedule with hard classes

    Considering I barely passed summer semester with embarassingly terrible grades (which was only 2 months long and exams are on campus and were binary multiple choice question meaning no partial grades so you either know it or you don't and there is no close in science) are as follows: Course...
  13. Demystifier

    I Exploring the Meaning of Ontology: Easy for Kids, Hard for Quantum Physicists

    Ontology is the easiest and the hardest concept in the field of quantum foundations. It is the easiest because even a child can understand it. When a child asks: "What is the world made of?", she asks about ontology. When you answer: "It's made of atoms" and when she asks "What does the atom...
  14. abdulbadii

    How to make hard metal toolkit handle from Polyethylene tube

    How do we make hard metal toolkit handle from high density Polyethylene tube/pipe inside which the tool near end is united, glued by some material (black as seen for now, try to give pic. later on)
  15. Menna_Ali

    How Hard is it to find a research job with a Master's degree in Physics?

    Hello everyone, ever since I was little I wanted to go into the research field, I have a bachelor degree in physics but I actually wanted to major in engineering because I am more of a doer and I enjoy experimenting with things on hand, but I had to major in physics because in my country (Egypt)...
  16. B

    Hard thermodynamics high school question from an entrance exam in India for colleges

    as the process has been given as an adiabatic one, dQ=0, further attempt is given in the attached files, but the problem is I got X=1 while the official key states it to be X=2.05, could anyone explain why
  17. G

    MHB This isn't even funny how hard it is

  18. A

    Sound Engineering: Why's it so hard to get things like timbre right?

    Apologies if wrong forum. Could not see anything about acoustics. Is this mathematics? Why's it so hard to get things like timbre right? Digitised instruments and voice changers don't always sound right. I had a chance to visit a recording studio. Was given a lengthly talk about sound from a...
  19. A

    Ball launcher question - ENERGY

    I got 12/12 on the above part^ And as for the mathematical solution below I got 5/6 and then 2.5/3 for the conclusion.
  20. Mathman2013

    Solving a hard DE: R'(t)=k*4*pi*R(t)^2

    I have the following DE, R'(t) = k*4*pi*R(t)^2, where R(0) = 5, and R'(0) =-0.001. I have attempted to solve it Maple, and would like to know if I have done it correctly?
  21. C

    Density of balls submerged in a liquid and connected by a hard rod

    Performing force balance on the two balls, I obtain ## T+\frac{4\pi}{3}g \rho_3 R_1 ^3 = \frac{4\pi}{3}g \rho_1 R_1^3 ## ## T+\frac{4\pi}{3}g \rho_2 R_2^3 = \frac{4\pi}{3}g \rho_3 R_2^3 ## from which I obtain ## \rho_3 = \frac{\rho_1 R_1^3 + \rho_2R_2^3 }{R_1^3 + R_2 ^3 }## and ## 2T...
  22. nduka-san

    Breaking hard ground with motors

    I'm trying to find a motor that would break hard ground what would you recommend, here is my research so far: My research is based on horsepower its bad research but I thought it might apply to a motor since its s also this is under the asumption of a 3 pound hoe people managed to do a lot of...
  23. Delta2

    Medical What makes it so hard to find a cure for the Corona virus?

    Corona has come and it doesn't seem to go away that easily. Why can't modern science find some cure that will prevent so many deaths? Why for example we can't find an antibiotic for this specific virus? What about other approaches(vaccine)? I just wish a cure could be found so we may continue...
  24. S

    Deriving relations for a hard sphere phase diagram

    Ornstein-Zernike states that ##h(r_{12}) = c(r_{12}) + \rho \int d\mathbf{r}_3 c(r_{13})h(r_{32})## which after a Fourier transform becomes ##\hat{C} (\mathbf{k}) = \frac{\hat{H}(\mathbf{k})}{1+\rho \hat{H}(\mathbf{k})}## However, I don't see how to simplify this to the second equation he has...
  25. jaychay

    MHB Mastering Partial Differentiation: A Comprehensive Guide

    Can you please help me ? I have tried to do it many times but I end up getting the wrong answer. Thank you in advance.
  26. jaychay

    MHB Can You Help Me Integrate $\sin(u) + u^6$ Correctly?

    Can you please help me ? I have tried to do it many times but still got the wrong answer. Thank you in advance.
  27. B

    Does silicone as hard as plastic exist?

    I saw rubber-like silicones. Are there types of silicone that can be used in injection molding and once the process is finished - become as hard as, let's say, PVC? At the same time they should have all(/majority) of silicone's properties (citing Wikipedia): - Low thermal conductivity - Low...
  28. L

    How hard is the maths for Mechanical Principles and Thermo in ME studies?

    i going to do the online HNC mechanical engineering. its has 2 units mechanical principles and thermo. i was wonder how hard is it to learn those units and the maths online or with online tutor. i can do the maths if its inperson in class but learn on line I am not sure.
  29. jedishrfu

    Awesome Sci Fi Series that’s hard to explain

    I just watched season one of Tales from the Loop. It has the mood of Interstellar on the Earth where people live quiet lives of desperation. There’s an underground physics lab nicknamed the Loop where the impossible becomes possible. There’s the people whose lives are affected in strange ways...
  30. S

    MHB Couple of hard trig questions....

    Hi, I was hoping to get some help on these five questions, I've been stuck on these and any help would be greatly appreciated! 1. Inflation rises and falls in a cyclical manner. If inflation is highest at 4.8% and lowest at 1.3%, what c for the equation y = a sin(k(x + d)) + c? 2. If the...
  31. gmax137

    Jeopardy "Magnet" question - hard or easy?

    I was watching Jeopardy last night. In the Category "Magnet" was the following: "An 1845 letter from the 21-year-old future Lord Kelvin inspired this British scientist to show how magnetism & light are related" My guess: I was pretty sure this was wrong, based on the 1845 time frame, but I...
  32. fluidistic

    I Simple, almost "intuitive" conjecture, hard or impossible to solve?

    Hello, I have posted a problem (on math stack exchange) I was given for fun by an uncle, who doesn't know whether the proof is possible to establish. I tried my best and failed so far. I don't think I can solve the problem with my current knowledge and I would love to know if you can find a...
  33. A

    Hard Momentum Conservation Impact Problem

    I believe momentum conservation is to be used in this sum since there's no external force, but I am not sure how to write the equation. Can someone please help me out:)
  34. xpell

    B How hard is it to detect extinct comets?

    Hi! I have read that cometary nuclei have a very low albedo, even lower than coal or asphalt. Because of this, they absorb lots of light and heat rather than reflecting them. So I was wondering how hard is it to detect extinct comets. Could the solar system be full of dead nuclei buzzing around...
  35. J

    Other How hard is it to get into a CS PhD compared to physics?

    Hello guys (and girls), I'm from Europe and I was wondering whether any of you know how hard it is to get into the top US CS PhD programs as compared to getting into physics. I think I've once read on Quora that getting into engineering is way harder since this area of research does not receive...
  36. Q

    Physics How hard is it for physics majors to graduate with a job offer?

    I’m a physics major currently in the second semester of my first year at a US university. I have recently become very anxious about my future with a physics degree. Don’t get me wrong, I love physics. One semester in, I’m doing very well academically. However, I’ve heard a lot of negativity...
  37. fRod57

    Use of hard drive magnets to build an MHD propulsion ship

    In order to build a small mhd propulsion ship for a physics project, I'm wondering if the magnets we find in hard drives carry enough magnetic field power to function in such an experiment.
  38. F

    Can I use a new SSD Hard Disk to store data without formatting?

    Can I use a brand new removed SSD HardDisk to store data without doing any thing at the beginning time(e.g without formating or other things)?I will use SSD to store ebooks(PDF,Djvu,epub,Audio files). Can I open books when I attach the removed SSD to laptop?
  39. D

    Electron gun in a vacuum -- How hard of a vacuum is needed?

    how high does a vacuum need to be for electron gun to work? for example, will 1 pascal work, will 1 tenth of a pascal work? is there a minimum vacuum for a electron gun to work?
  40. M

    Which of these technologies would be hard to do in Star Wars?

    This Wiki page I've been editing for months with stuff I've read on the internet. Based on existing science and tech already available in Star Wars, which of these would be challenging for a scientist in Star Wars to create? Try to explain why and you can pick multiple entries. Remember, Star...
  41. B

    Hard Wiring of Animal Behaviors

    I often hear that a certain behavior of an animal is "hard wired". I get the analogy, but what does that really mean in the brain? What two things are "wired" together and what is the actual "wire"? If a dog runs after a squirrel (dogs are of course "hard wired" to chase squirrels), are his eyes...
  42. N

    Studying Having a hard time studying maths atm

    I'm having trouble processing math atm, I'm a perfectionist so each time I delve into a topic on my "self-study" I try to understand all of it. but that generally takes too long a time to focus on other "important" math stuff that actually matters right then like studying some trig stuff and...
  43. M

    A Is computational Physics a hard major?

    Is computational Physics a hard major? To what extend I should learn mathematics and Computer Science besides learning Physics?
  44. A

    A How do soft Pomerons become hard?

    The exchange of soft Pomerons (and Reggeons) (##\alpha_R(0)=0.55## and ##\alpha_P(0)=1.08##) seem to describe total hadron-hadron cross sections pretty well in the Regge limit. See, for example: https://arxiv.org/abs/hep-ph/9209205 In this limit, QCD is of very little use since the exchanged...
  45. Q

    Admissions Going BACK to graduate school after failing.... How hard will it be?

    Hi everyone. In 2017, I received a bachelors degree in physics. I liked the subject and wanted to go to graduate school for something more practical, so I did. A year ago, I failed out of a PhD program in engineering. I was the worst student at that point. I was too shy to ask questions in...
  46. K

    Hard time with this Vector Velocity Problem

    Summary: I've posted this in a few forums but still confused on this problem. If the plane is moving at 200km/h and the wind pushes the plane with a velocity of 85km/h, then the resultant velocity would be 217km/h, and using sine inverse, 217.sin(theta=85, I got 23°, which is B, but the answer...
  47. S

    B How hard is it to track moon cycles

    I know this may be extremely basic to almost everyone on the forums, but I really can't tell if moon cycles are predictable or not ! like can we tell in advance when is the full moon ? I feel like the answer sould be a definite YES, but my confusion is based on what I see each year. I live in an...
  48. A

    Odd Question -- creating English subtitles for an Italian TV Series for deaf and hard of hearing

    Hi Everyone, I am currently working on a project where I am creating English subtitles for an Italian TV Series, for deaf and hard of hearing. There is one particular line I am struggling to hear and it is where one of the characters is talking about a type of physics. I wondered if anyone...
  49. C

    Hard Kinematics problem: Ball thrown into the air

    Homework Statement A person throws a ball up from a height of 1.5 meters, 3.23 seconds later, the ball hits the ground next to you. Find the maximum height the ball reaches. Homework Equations V=V(initial)+at The Attempt at a Solution This problem almost seems impossible without knowing what...