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Does any gravitating body emit Hawking radiation?

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    The Hawking-Unruh temperature is given by the expression:

    [itex] \large T = \frac{\hbar g}{2 \pi c k} [/itex]

    where g is the gravitational acceleration at the surface of a black hole.

    Does this expression imply that any gravitating body will emit Hawking radiation?

    For example if we take the acceleration due to gravity at the Earth's surface to be [itex]g = 10 \ m/s^2[/itex] does that mean that the Earth emits Hawking radiation at a temperature [itex]T = 10^{-20} K[/itex]?

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    No. You have to have an event horizon to produce hawking radiation; but any body with an event horizon should do that (few examples besides black-holes).
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