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I Does anyone know about furnaces?

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    my apartment has this ancient furnace.
    it either is electric coil or natural gas.

    i think its heating oil and pumping it around the building.

    could it burn natural gas and just pump hot air through the furnace?

    anyway. its slowing down my WiFi.
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    they put the furnace next to the internet router.
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    100% of what?

    I'm not following the timeline. Was an ancient furnace installed adjacent to an existing router? Or was a router installed adjacent to an existing furnace? In either case, if the suspicion is that the furnace is interfering with router WIFI, then move the router elsewhere.
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    It could be pumping oil water or air.
    I can't think how it might interfere with wi fi though, unless it's very thick metal, and exactly positioned so that it's seriously attenuating the wi fi signal.
    Can you not relocate the router?
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    None of this makes any sense, but if you have a landlord, you should be talking to them.
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    AS it happen, I just bought a new wireless router. The instructions were not to place it near large metal objects because it can affect the directional pattern of the antennae. Also the instructions tell you to mount it high up. A furnace is often in the basement - definitely not a good place for a Router. Best site would probably be near the ceiling of the ground floor.
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