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Does anyone NOT believe heat death is the final destination?

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    And if not, what do you believe?
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    Simon Bridge

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    I don't think "believe" is the operative term here - the word carries some baggage with it in this context - there are a number of models, any of which may turn out to be better than the others.

    The way to bet is that they will all turn out to be wrong. We do not know the ultimate fate of the Universe.

    To answer the question as written: "does anyone not believe..."etc. please see:
    ... the answer is "yes" ... and the article deals out the alternatives that are supported by the evidence in big-bang cosmology.

    Note: "I don't know" is a valid answer in science.
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    I know you don't know. And I know "believe" is a troublesome word in science.

    But I think it's a fair question
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    Simon Bridge

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    ... and I think it has been fairly answered.
    The link I gave you provides the standard response to the question, and the standard response is really all we are allowed to give considering the ban on presenting personal theories. The evidence so far supports models where the Universe is overall very flat ... draw your own conclusions.

    Note: Freeman Dyson presented a famous argument against the heat death.

    Rhetorical: why would you expect others to venture an opinion when you don't offer one of your own?
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    I've read the numerous theories numerous times previously.

    My own opinion, I venture heat death as overwhelmingly the most likely outcome. Although I'm no physicist to be fair.

    That's I was scoping the opinions of others. This being a forum and all
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    Simon Bridge

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    The thing is to support your opinion - give it a go: what is it specifically that leads you to think that heat death is "overwhelmingly the most likely outcome". i.e. how are you assigning likelyhood to the different models? How do you answer Freeman Dyson's famous argument?

    As you attempt to answer those questions, you will start to gain a better understanding of how physicists think, and also of the question you have asked and hopefully why you are getting the response I'm giving you.

    ...being a moderated forum means that there are rules about what sorts of answers we are allowed to give you.

    You have already scoped "the opinions of others" - you've "read the numerous theories numerous times previously".
    Opinions are not really very useful in science anyway - so you've done better and looked up the actual physics (I hope).

    Mind you ... it may make for a fun poll ;)
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    Doug Huffman

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    I believe that falsifiability is the proper demarcation.
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    I think you're tapping into something that occurs across forums all over the world (or perhaps the Universe).

    The principle of having nothing to say and an overwhelming need to say it.
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    That clicking sound you just heard is the sound of a thread closing.
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