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Does blackhole have strong magnetic field?

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    Does blackhole have strong magnetic field??

    As we all known: neutron-star has strong magnetic field! Does blackhole have strong magnetic field too??
    Thank you in advance!
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    A quick Google on "black hole magnetic" yields this interesting article by Physorg.com: http://www.physorg.com/news79361214.html , titled "Scientists Determine the Nature of Black Hole Jets."

    They say:
    However, it is not clear why these jets generate a magnetic field since we are not sure of what exactly they are made of. Further:
    So if these near light speed jets of protons are zooming out both ends of the black hole axis, they generate a magnetic field similar to quasars and neutron stars. But what's inside the black hole to generate this protons, positron stream? Much more study is needed to better understand this galactic phenomenon, since it seems most if not all galaxies have some super massive black hole in their centers. Another interesting NewScientist.com article: http://space.newscientist.com/artic...k-hole-the-ultimate-particle-accelerator.html , which says the black hole's magnetic field is a giant particle accelerator. Hope this helps.
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    Thank you !
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