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Does flat Universe have a center?

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    If geometry of spacetime is flat in intergalactic medium (empty space), why then there is no point of asking where is the center of Universe?
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    As long as it is infinte in all directions, where would the center be?
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    Center is not exist at 4D, But we can say the center at 3D.

    In Earth, We live at the 4D. But we can say 3D center of earth.
    Also we wish know center of earth in curiosity. though, it has not means specially

    In this view, can say the space center of universe? and where?

    add menas in physics, fine the center of mass in universe1(our universe)
    and space(geometrical) center is same to mass center? space center is same to bigbang point or region(3d)?
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    The ancient Greek philosophers referred to the “sphere of the universe” whereby a spherical surface necessarily exhibits a centre or origin. If a universal centre can exist, then accordingly there may be a cosmical origin determined by Nature that is not special or any different as an observation frame. The gradient of size to age for open, flat, closed or bounce scenarios is irrelevent.
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