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Does it get better after school?

  1. Feb 8, 2012 #1
    I'm an ex-navy nuke currently back in school and trying to get into a mechanical engineering program. I want to go into engineering because while I was in the navy I worked side by side with a lot of civilian engineers and it seemed like they enjoyed their work. It also didn't seem like something that is out of my ability to learn. I'd like to think I'm fairly intelligent, but the kids I'm up against and some of the classes I'm taking are kicking my butt. I can't ever remember one of the Shift Test Engineers stopping to calculate a rate constant, or needing to figure out a double integral. I know, theoretical foundation is important, but once I make it through school, is this engineering thing gonna get better? My job in the navy was analogous to being a technician/operator and I really enjoyed working with machines (although I didn't much care for military life.) Is mechanical engineering for me?

    I guess a related question would be, what industries should I look into where I can still get my hands dirty rather than sit behind a desk all day. The obvious one that I'm looking into is working for a utility. Are there others that I should look at?
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    If you like Engineering and you want to get your hands dirty, then you should look into civil engineering or electrical engineering. The concepts that you learn in college will help you once you are out in the work force.
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