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MATLAB Does MatLab have this kind of function?

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    I have a set of variables that are always inputs for several functions that I made. Does MatLab have a kind of function that stores these variables into a single matrix (or similar) so that I just need to call this matrix for each function rather than calling them one-by-one as inputs into the functions that I made?

    I have planned on saving the variables, but it would be inconvenient if I were to save the variables each time their values are updated or replaced. I think Fortran has this function called 'commons'.

    Thank you in advance.
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    That is indeed possible, but will it possible to just call the variable name(s)? Some of my functions use just a few of them.
    For example I have a value of variable 'x' stored in the cell array, and I want to use 'x' in one of my functions. I could use the whole cell array as an input in the function, but I just need 'x', will it be possible to just call the variable name 'x'? I think it might get confusing if I were to memorize each position of each values of my variables.
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    There are several variable types you could use.

    There is a cell array. A cell array is like an array of buckets. You can put anything you want into any bucket. And all buckets in a row or column of buckets don't need to have the same type or size of stuff in them.

    A related variable that takes up less memory and overhead is a table. A table has columns of data but each column must have the same data type in them, though different columns could have different data types. So you could have a table with a column of name strings and a column of ages and a column of birthdates.

    The final variable type you might want to consider is perhaps the easiest to use and it's a structure. It's just like a structure in any other language. You have a structure and fields/members of the structure. Like a structure could be the description of a person and have fields name, age, birthdate, city. You could have an array of those, like one structure for one person and another for another person. So if you had a structure array called "allPeople", the age of person #2 would be "allPeople(2).age" and the city of person #5 would be allPeople(5).city.
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