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Does NASA Ames Research Center have a graduate school?

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    Chris McKay told me that they do take grad students, but I can't find any more information on the Internet (the Ames page points to a dead link for the "Graduate Student Researchers Program") - see http://hr.arc.nasa.gov/student/gradfaculty.html
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    They do not have a graduate school. Only universities have graduate schools.
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    NASA, National Labs, NIST, etc. do not grant any degrees. This doesn't mean that there are no graduate students working at these facilities. But these graduates students are enrolled in various universities, and do their research work at these facilities.

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    I suspect the link may have been to researchers who have had connections with universities and served as a research advisor to a graduate student's project. Depending on a university's guidelines for thesis committees, these research advisors may have to go through some paperwork to be listed as some form of faculty, in at least a temporary way (although their "employ" so to speak, is not through the university). Having such a link to these individuals would probably help connect students to research projects (and make the research facility "look good" or keep records in some way about this... but often such connection is just done through a regular faculty member's connections to researchers at the facility, which is probably why the link went dead.

    Other than that, I'm basically seconding ZZ's. Note: I did some of my graduate work at AFRL, so my research advisor at AFRL was therefore a member of the committee (although not the chair), and I think there was some paperwork he had to fill out for the university to show he was qualified to be such.
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    While NASA and other labs don't grant degrees, many graduate students work at these centers while completing their degrees. Some of them attend nearby schools (while I was at Goddard, we had a lot of students from UMD and Catholic University working there), some have scholarships through NASA from schools all over the country (GSRP program, summer research programs for high school and college students) and some had connections - like advisers who had worked there previously or had friends there who could take on students (students from my graduate school worked at a NASA, Max Planck, NIST, and many other places this way).
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