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Does string theory/M theory have an explanation for

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    If there is an explanation, I would appreciate undersanding them

    1. The speed of light being (approx) 300,000 kms/sec rather than some other value?

    2. That the speed of light is the same no matter what frame of reference (as per Einstein's theories and I assume it must have)

    3. What is energy (as opposed to what are it properties)

    4. Since strings "vibrate", is there a base frequency to the universe that all others are made from. And branching into philosophy, is this why people like music?

    5. And another philosophical or speculative question, can string theory/m theory start to explain our soul, what it is and other supernatural phenomena?

    Also if there is someone beyond this forum that may be interested in these questions could you let me know.
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    Branching? No part of the post is about physics. But I have liked this question, because I had never thought of the inverse of planck time as being a "base frequency" of about 10^ 44 Hertz. It is about, er, fairly more than one hundred octaves up from the piano keyboard, ie you would need a piano with more than a thousand of keys in order to play it up to this frequency.

    It remembers me of a gear trick I saw in a Xmas lecture at London time ago, to explain how orders of magnitude concatenate. The idea was each time you couple a 1:100 reduction gear, you get up two orders of magnitude. So you couple 22 of them and if you turn the first one at a speed of a rotation per second, the last one in the gearing should give a rotation per Planck time.
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