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Does the Monster Group appear in String Theory?

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    I read somewhere that the Monster Group appears is related to String Theory as 26D String theory on a 24D Leech Lattice gives a vertex algebra whose symmetries are the Monster Group.

    Just wondering if the size of a big group like that appears in the actual Universe?

    For example, there are lots of big numbers such as why is the Weak force about 10^32 times less than the Plank Mass? Or why is the cosmological constant like 10^(-120)?

    Does string Theory say anything about this. It just seems a coincidence for example that the size of the Baby Monster is 4x10^33.
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    The strength of the weak force depends a lot on the energy scale, and it does not make sense to compare its strength to a mass.

    There are some factors of 1040 and it is unclear whether they are a coincidence or not, but no 1033 as far as I know.
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    Well I still think it's interesting that the mass of the top quark is approximately equal to 1/sqrt( order of Baby Monster) in Plank Units.
    Anyway I got that number from Wikipedia.
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